Crawling from beneath a mountainous heap of cassettes, home from an underground tour of the worlds basements,
wearing a crudely fashioned paper crown come America's lost poets of the home-made, atavistic avatars of 8-bit
eighties cheeze and the Ed Woods of the electronic music studio - THE BAD CASSETTES - HOMEPOP MASTERS!

Featuring beautifully contaminated cut and paste soundscapes, neolithic toy piano honky-tonks and tear soaked ballads
with tounge only loosely placed in the cheek. Not rock, not hip hop, not latin, not punk, not jazz, not pop, not dance,
not noise (well, maybe that) but all at once. Call it as you like. We call it...

Ladies and Gentlemen: THE BAD CASSETTES.

3 title 7", white vinyl, in Below standard sleeve
Bad Master CD
The Bad Cassettes

Limited edition LP
The Bad Cassettes

"Bad Master" is The Bad Cassettes' debut album release. And it's a cut and paste, noizy masterpiece. Ausgeflippt! 
Track List CD:
1. In The Future       
2. She Is The Queen of My Mind  
3. Squiggle      
4. I Wait for You to Come  
5. Under (Murphy/Wallenfels)
6. Empty Shell  
7. Kodak  
8. I Don't Mind (Brown)  
9. Midtown  
10. Black Mood For A Bright Day  
11. Gone  
12. Portrait of Mark (Murphy/Murphy/Curado)  
13. Prelude To a Theme  
14. I Am The One  
15. She Is Fast  
16. Twang  
17. Get There  
18. Sparkle  
19. One Million Minutes  
20. Eject  
Bonus Tracks on CD  
21. Under It All  
22. I Wait For You  
23. Melancholy In The Studio  
24. Over  

The Bad Cassettes are Sean Murphy. Honorary members of The Bad Cassettes include the entire population of the planet earth.

All songs written and performed by Sean Murphy and The Bad Cassettes, except for: "Under" written by Sean Murphy and Jennifer Wallenfels, "I Don't Mind" written by James Brown (Fort Knox Music, BMI and Trio Music Company, BMI), "Portrait of Mark" written by Sean Murphy, Mark Murphy and David Curado. "Arachnids" written by Sean Murphy, Mark Murphy, Garrett Killen and Dickens (The Nylon Dog).

Michael Chen plays Astro, The Fretless Electric Bass Guitar and Daniel Rubin plays Jaw Harp and Inaudible Six String Banjo on "She Is The Queen of My Mind." Jennifer Wallenfels plays Bass Guitar and Empty Bottles on "Under". Luc Berger plays Subliminal Kit during the instrumental break on "I Don't Mind." David Curado plays Percussion and Mark Murphy plays Stick, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion and Sings on "Portrait of Mark". Garrett Killen plays Optigan Electric Organ on "Arachnids." Mark Murphy, David Curado and Garrett Killen appear courtesy of The Pokey Donuts. Daniel Rubin and Michael Chen appear courtesy of Wash Me. Luc Berger appears courtesy of Luc LeDuc3.

Compiled at the Astro Molten Media Laboratory. Published by Mach Schnell Productions  (BMI, GEMA). Produced by Sean Murphy. Co-Producer: Luc Berger. Photography and Design by Max Nell. Sean Murphy's clothing provided by dressolution. Tracked, Mixed and Mastered by Sean Murphy. Additional Audio Engineers: Jennifer Wallenfels, Mark Murphy, Michael Chen and Luc Berger. Original recordings from: Astro Molten Media Laboratory, Rubber Chicken Mobile, Mark's Driveway, Wendell St. 24 Hour Music, Tape and Glue Studios, First Take Studios, While Wading in The Atlantic at Three A.M. Recorders, "Oops, I Bumped my Head..." Studios, The Streets of New York City and The Electronic Music Studios of The Evergreen State College. Digitally Remastered at Astro Molten Media Laboratory.

Studio Time, Guitars, Inspiration, Disk Space, Research, Tape Storage, Shipping, Floors to Sleep On, Choir Rehearsals, Tube Amps, Tape Machines, Tube Mics, Transportation and Hot Meals provided by Elliot Bates, Luc Berger, Clarissa Hurst, then Berger, Michael Chen, David Curado, Pat Durkin, Joel Gluck, Nick Kenny, John Kheil, Bob Kirby, Curt Levine, Eve Lindi, Bill Metts, Eric Murphy, Heather Murphy, Jamie Murphy, Kevin Murphy, Mark Murphy, Jamie Quinn, Yuval Ron, Daniel Rubin, Michael Souza, Jane Stephens, Kathleen Stoutenborough and Jennifer Wallenfels. Special Thanks to Luc Berger, Michael Chen and Jennifer Wallenfels for their unflagging dedication and limitless perseverance in the support of this album's production. The Bad Cassettes are Sean Murphy. The song Arachnids does not appear on this recording. Play this album softly.


The Bad Cassettes

Track List 7":  
[1] Gone (7" mix)  
[2] Baby Boogla  

Featuring the longer version of the late-summer ode to San Francisco "Gone", plus the all-electronic bonus B-side, "Baby Boogla". black/clear vinyl versions.

CD single
The Bad Cassettes
  Track List CD Single:

[1] Gone
[2] Baby Boogla
[3] Empty Shell

With an introduction by DJ Empty