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Ernst Ulrich Deuker and Band are E.U.COMMISSION

22 years after his major top hits like "SEX IN DER WÜSTE" ('SEX IN THE DESERT') with much respected
act of the early 80's German new wave (NDW) movement called IDEAL E.U.Deuker is back on CD!
There have been other projects: 'BassBizz', 'Kae E and the Cable Dance Band', 'Das Optische Konzert'
and more currently/still going strong 'Deep Down Clarinet Duo' and 'Ffunkoff' all of which were and are being
presented in movie theaters, jazz stages and in the berlin subways.

E.U. is an idealist, bassist, anti-popper, chansonnier, the nice guy from next door, contrebass-clarinetist,
pedestrian, subversive-professor, involuntary guitarist, mathematician.
As all that, with his low, multilingual voice and the big horn, he charms the listeners out of the weave of
their musical hearing habits.In his box of tricks we find next to thought out songs of dark beauty mainly
old-fashioned instrumentation (bass, guitar, drums) and of course the collegues that know how to use
those effectively.

guitar, electric bass and vocals: he himself

on drums: Thomas Wydler, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds drummer, currently also busy with a new
solo project

guest-guitar: FJ Krüger, classic car pitching, gold record collecting guitar god of the
Berlin szene (Rest in Peace, FJ! We are still listening to your stories and guitar playing).

upright bass: Luc Ratif-LeDuc, who in his function as ("Mach Schnell!") producer/engineer also
worked the buttons of the tape-recorder at Bling Bling Tone Studio Berlin, where this album was produced.

Inbetween and far out: other guests of the old-school that one has to find on the cd itself.


is E.U. DEUKER and Band
is EUROPE from UNDERNEATH, the own way. German, French, English, Spanish lyrics.
with EUNIVERSAL THEMES: night, l'amour, mystery, drogen, noche, love, nacht, drugs, nuit, liebe.
is ENTERTAINING and UNSYMMETRICAL MUSIC: from german new wave/avantgarde
with Toni Williams-Lifetime-Touch ("Mystère dans le Brouillard") to bonfire-pop ("Mit Dir Hier und Jetzt")



Track List CD:
1.Die Macht derNacht
2. Schwarze Augen  
3. Night Train  
4. Überfall  
5. La Douce Vie  
6. Mystere dans le brouillard 
7. La noche de Buenos Aires  
8. Bouleversement  
9. Mit dir hier und jetzt   
10. Paraiso  
11. Paris ou Mary
Produced by Luc Ratif-LeDuc
Recorded and mixed at Bling Bling Tone Studio Berlin
Add. tracking done at Ostkreuz Rock Recorders (1, 2, 3, 5, 7)
and by Hannes Richter at Die Tonspur Schwerin (11).
Mastered by Tom Müller at TTM Mastering Berlin.
Players: Thomas Wydler dr (all except 2, 3), add. snare dr (3) Luc LeDuc db (4-6, 8-11),
dr (2, 3), add. hh (5, 8), perc (4, 11), backing voc (8, 9), gtr (6), street noises and demo
shouts (11) E.U. voc (all), b (1-3, 7, 8), cb-cl (2, 5, 9, 10), gtr (1, 2, 4-6, 8-11),
backing voc (3, 9), mouth harp (2), street noises and demo shouts (11) FJ Krüger gtr
(3, 7) Martin Deuker gtr (7) Jeanne d'Arc backing voc (6) Jason Pienkowski
An American in Paris (11) Yann Dobrucki Parisien (11) Reinhard Lippert harm (11)
Oliver Walter tpt (8, 9) Jakob Henning tb (8, 9) Rollo Völter ts (8, 9)
Artwork and photorngraphy by Max Nell, add. photography by E.U. and Sean Murphy.
EU logo and tour poster by Michel Casarramona.
Marketing + promotion: Yann Dobrucki, Below Recordings,
Administration: Marcus Zander, Mara Köppen, Zett Records,
Publishing: Mc Berger Music (GEMA)