This classy 3 piece combo (drums, upright bass and guitar) re-animates rock in a what-the-hell- we-can-always-
go-work-at-escape-from-new- york-pizza-or-become-professors fashion. In opposition to other
current bands (we will not name anybody here, those bands all have their places - in HISTORY!) that are missing balls,
who hold their guitars like girls do and who that take themselves too seriously, 200t have balls and donīt take themselves
seriously enough. Didnīt they even break up again recently? Despite everything else mentioned big industrial grade
steel crushing machine balls 200t also has a, softer almost "poppier" or "jazzier" side that surfaces ever so often
to the GIRLS' delight.

Anyhow, what is 200t after all?

~ a chain saw?
a car?

a crushing machine?

It is the 200t, motherfuckers.
200t is the model number resulting out of the recalculation of the band membersīrich past plus their poor present
not unequaling their diamond-sparkly FUTURE. Although one could say 200t is a band from San Francisco, its
members are originally from Boston, Calcutta and Berlin. And they will continue their peaceful, global fight against
weapons of mass-taste-destruction.

That was 2002. Later (2004) there was a new incarnation of the Band, based in Berlin, with slightly different line up: There was no more guitar, there was also no more up-right bass. Jason still played the drums, Luc played a EB-3 bass thru a fuzzbox. And there was a micro/korg groovepad combo, played by very special guest from Gdansk W.T. Norbert "T-Kowski". He added classic organ, 70's synth and also bird sounds. Great fun! But it's over! Rest in Peace!

200t - easy tease
The debut by this s.f. mission district band originating from Boston, Calcutta and
If there is one thing you can expect from 200t: itīs that the boogie will enter your
butt big time.

easy tease
200t cd cover



Track List CD:

1. This City
2. Meat Dept.
3. Bonsai Baby
4. D -Ton8
5. Crazy like You
6. Canīt Cry
8.Flying toYou
9. N.O.P.
special bonus live tracks
11. Crazy
12. Bonsai
13.Kick Out theJams

This is a classy, stripped down and timeless rock experience featuring very special international surprise guests.
You will find a musical experience of singular songwriting and high craftmanship countered by the chaotic element
of group improvisation. The colorful crowd of guests adds a very special touch to some of the titles by playing their
truly far out instruments over the rock grooves of the band.
On top of the 9 studio tracks you get 4 bonus recordings showcasing the raw power of 200t performing live at the
infamous Werepad club in San Francisco in 2002.

Produced by Luc Berger and 200t.
Recorded at Below Recordings, San Francisco.
Mixed by Luc at Ostkreuz Rock Recorders, Berlin.
Live Tracks recorded at the Werepad, San Francisco, August 2002 by Michael Chen,
mixed by Sean Murphy at Astro Molto Media Laboratory at Hyde Street Studios,
San Francisco except 11, 12 mixed by Luc Berger.
Mastered by Tom Müller, TTM Mastering Berlin
Artwork by Max Nell